Know more about lie detector services

People often tell lies and try to deceive others for various reasons. Technically lying is a defence mechanism which is often used to avoid any trouble with others. At times it is easy to tell whether a person is lying or not but sometimes it’s not so much, and one falls for the deception. Lie detectors are instruments developed to monitor human’s physiological reactions. It is simply a combination of various medical equipment which is used to monitor the occurrence of changes in the human body. During a lie detector test, the person on trial is questioned about the certain incident and the examiner monitors the heart rate, perspiration rate, and blood pressure changes in comparison to the normal levels of the person. The result of the tests is available for open interpretation by the examiner. A person giving the test must be blocked by any outside disturbance. These tests are performed across the whole world for various reasons. is one of the companies set up all across the United Kingdom to perform lie detection tests.

About the Company and its Services

Lie Detectors UK is one of the dominant suppliers of the polygraph and lies detection services in the UK. The company has examiners graduated from American Polygraph Association School and meet with regular training to stay up to date. Each examination performed by the company is subject to controlled quality measures, keeping the result perfectly accurate. They perform their services in the following situations:

  • Pre-Employment Testing: These tests consist of pre-employment interviews in areas like education, history, gambling etc. to check the worthiness of the employee
  • Domestic Dispute Resolution: In cases of family or business accusations to check the honesty of each other.
  • Employee/Theft Fraud: In case of deception by an employee or theft cases these tests come very handy.
  • Tournament Federations: In many tournaments medals and positions are awarded biasedly. These test can prevent such false activities.

Lie detector tests have generated a lot of controversies in the scientific and public sectors. Nevertheless, these tests have been used continuously in out of court settings and to check the accuracy of suspects or witnesses statements. These tests are also often used by individuals looking for a proof of their innocence and also by private agencies and firms. The currently used lie detector technologies are based on the physiological functioning ideas but have been independent of the analytical physiological research.