Finding the best VPN for your needs

In today’s popular time of the online movie and show watching, it is very rare that someone has not heard about Netflix. It is one of those platforms which has created its own niche in the field of online streaming. Netflix is an American media services provider headquartered in California and deals with a paid subscription of online streaming of popular Hollywood movies and shows. These days, it is not limited to only English but has spread its roots even into other nations, like for example in India with its subsidy named Netflix India. Currently, it has a huge subscription base of about 130 million users. With the popularity of Netflix, the various methods of looking for free viewing of Netflix have also increased. Hence this article details about Netflix free VPN that works and provides a detailed guideline about how these work for the different users.

The list of the VPN Providers

With the current declaration by Netflix regarding blocking of the various VPNs that allowed customers outside of USA to watch American Netflix, the majority of these networks have stopped working due to detection by the primary server. However, there are some left that works today, but they are not that reliable anymore. The following is the list of the Netflix free vpn that works:

  • Homebrew VPN- It is a very less popular type of VPN that works not only with USA Netflix but with some other platforms too like Spotify or Pandora that is meant for only the viewers of USA. With this VPN, one can gain access to the shows that are meant for only the viewers of the USA and hence they can view the same even from any other part of the world. The best advantage about the same is that it does not have a dedicated application of its own and hence needs to be manually set up on the respective devices.
  • Ultrasurf- It is an unencrypted proxy server that can bypass a number of limited viewing websites. It is available in form of chrome extension and hence can be installed easily without going through a rigorous software installation method. Post installation, one can easily visit Netflix USA and successfully view the shows despite being outside of USA.
  • Nord VPN- It is another popular VPN to bypass Netflix USA server but is different from others in the sense that it is a paid one and has a subscription of $5 per month after the 3 free trial ends. It is compatible with all types of devices and is quite easy to install and use. It just has the problem of reducing the internet speed when it runs.